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Remmers Aidol Wood Protection Systems:

  • Aidol® HK Stain - Decorative, thin-layer stain with deep penetration capacity, for outdoor use, solvent based.
    • is used to protect wood without static loads and without ground contact in outdoor areas against fungus, blue-stain and insects according to DIN 68 800, part3.
    • For facings, wood siding, fences, gates, pergolas, garden pavilions, roof underfaces, gables, facades, etc.
    • Awarded the RAL Mark of Quality-Wood Preservative No.648

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Remmers Waterproofing Systems:

  • The Aida® Kiesol Impregnation Waterproofing System with its four application areas comprising waterproofing new construction, repairing old buildings, subsequent waterproofing of cellars and cementitious coating of reservoirs lead the market in importance and quality.

Remmers Floor Protection Systems:
Acolan® Sediment System- Decorative Commercial / Industrial System

  • Acolan® is a fast to apply and economical system to install at thicknesses of 1-2mm. It can be applied on to a variety of smooth floor substrates, as well as upstands, to provide a slip resistant finish possessing all the qualities associated with a high performance industrial epoxy coating or screed.
  • Acolan® consists of a thixotropic, fast setting epoxy resin system on to which an abundance of coloured flakes are directly broadcast.

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