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  • Industrial Flooring System
  • Sediment Flooring System
  • Trafficable Deck Coating System
  • Waterproofing System
  • Silane Treatment - Chloride mitigation
  • Silicate Paint System
  • Timber Protection System
Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd can give the best advice in providing the most suitable protection to the substrate. Whether the new surface is required to meet specific remedial solutions, general maintenance, or as part of a new installation, we will provide sound technical assistance coupled with practical on site experience.

Deterioration of existing surfaces often occurs through wear, chemical attack strike damage and change of use from its original design. We provide many different chemical construction materials, whereby it is durable hard wearing, hygienic and chemical resistant surfaces, with highly aesthetic systems available to meet most situations practically and cost effectively. Such as application of Silane Treatment to concrete (for chloride mitigation), Silicate & Silicone Paint System (self cleaning & long life span paint system), Aidol HK Scumble (external timber protective treatment), industrial flooring system, waterproofing system, trafficable deck coating system and etc.

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