4 Signs of Your Building Settling or Sinking. Case Study In Malaysia: Petrol Station

There are a few significant signs that property owners may notice if your foundations are undergoing major issues with settling.

First, the foundation itself may develop large cracks. These cracks may be so wide that they let in water or even insects and small rodents. The most dangerous cracks are those that run horizontally.

Second, doors and windows may no longer be opening and closing as well as they once did. They may stick or may no longer open at all. Some doors may swing shut when they never used to or may not stay latched.

Third, you may be able to notice cracks in the properties’ drywall, especially over doors and windows or where the ceiling meets the walls. In some cases, you may even notice gaping baseboards and crown moulding or may discover nails that have popped out of wooden baseboards. .

Finally, the floors can reveal significant structural issues. A wide crack in a concrete or tile floor is one obvious sign, but even floors that are covered with vinyl, wood or laminate can reveal issues. A simple slant test with a marble will show homeowners whether the floor is uneven.

In the video, we will also show case a soil settlement that happened in a petrol station in Malaysia and what can we do about it with waterproofing, concrete repair, and structural strengthening

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