Common Controlled Demolition Methods & Their Importance

Because controlled demolition techniques are so much more favorable than conventional demolition procedures, demand for them is increasing daily. Demolition is the process of breaking down a structure, therefore it’s important that advanced tools and techniques are used in it, otherwise, it may prove to be hazardous to the workers and the nearby structures.
Therefore, whether you are demolishing a building because it is too old or because of structural damage, be sure to use controlled demolition services from a reliable company. Before dismantling a building or structure, a number of tasks are completed, including surveying, the removal of hazardous materials, and the preparation of the demolition plan for the building or structure in question.
When discussing building surveying explicitly, it includes things like identifying the building materials utilized and determining the presence of dangerous and flammable elements. Analysis is also done on drainage issues and how demolition may affect the neighborhood.
Following the surveying process, the job site must be cleared of all the hazardous materials. After that, demolition specialists create a demolition plan that includes specifics about the building’s location, the distance between it and nearby structures, and the tools and procedures to be applied throughout the demolition process.

The most common controlled demolition methods and their significance are listed below.

What are the controlled demolition methods? And its benefits?

  1. Robotic Demolition: is among the safest and most effective methods for demolishing a structure. It is a demolition method that harms neighboring structures and buildings the least. Additionally, these tools don’t create any dust or noise when they dismantle the buildings, which is incredibly advantageous for the workers’ health who are on the job site.

  2. Diamond Drilling: is one of the quickest ways to create precise holes, and openings on concrete structures, bricks, glass, and metals. Operators utilize highquality diamond drill bits to precisely drill holes and create openings. Because there is no dust or vibration with this technique, the workers at the site can simply focus on their jobs. In addition, the absence of noise when holes and openings are made with the use of diamond drill bits protects workers from hearing issues. Additionally, because of the compact size of the tools, it becomes easier for operators to drills holes in confined spaces.

  3. Hydraulic Bursting: For the demolition of major residential and commercial structures, this technique is frequently used. It is ideal for safely dismantling masonry, concrete, and stone structures. When using this approach, operators must first drill multiple holes on the target structure before inserting hydraulic bursting heads into the holes to generate the force needed to break down the structure safely.

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