Concrete Honeycombs Repair

Honeycombs are hollow spaces & cavities left on the concrete surface or inside the concrete where concrete could not reach, mainly due to inadequate vibration of concrete during concrete pouring or poor workability of concrete. Honeycombs brings risk to the integrity of the structures, as the structure is now hollow due to the honeycombs, water is easily finds its way into the reinforcement bars causing corrosion.

There are a few method of honeycombs repairs depending on the situation. If the honeycombs are on the surface of the concrete, patch repair method. Anything deeper will require formwork grouting and also treatment of reinforcement bars.

We at Structural Repairs (M) Sdn. Bhd. are able to provide on site assessment on the severity of honeycombs and propose a suitable repair and remedial method to the issue.

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