Concrete Surface Preparation: Its Importance

Why is surface preparation necessary?

We always have feedback from client that they think the surface preparation cost is high. Sometimes, the surface preparation cost is even higher than the repair cost. Why does it happen?

This is due to the reason that concrete surfaces are prepped for mechanical as well as aesthetic reasons before applying a topcoat. In order to create a long-lasting hold and durability, surface preparation is necessary prior to apply waterproofing coating, floor coating, and concrete repair in industrial and commercial applications. When applying any coating or resurfacing materials, the texture of the existing concrete must be taken into account.

What is concrete surface profile (CSP)?

Overlays and coatings on concrete require proper bonding. The proper concrete surface profile, or CSP, is ensured by construction professionals. To assist contractors, the International Concrete Repair Institute has created benchmark guidelines. CSP is a measurement of the average distance from the peaks of the surface to the valleys. The peak is roughly flat at CSP 1 and quite rough at CSP 9. According to the rule, the CSP should be higher the thicker the overlay or topping is. Often, the substrate needs to be roughened by shotblasting or scarifying in order to reach higher ranges.

What procedures are involved in surface preparation?

The contractors or property owners need to take into the considerations of the below factors: –

  • working hours
  • cleaning procedure
  • safety measures
  • tolerance noise levels

Job Requirements

Surface preparation is often defined as the process of making a surface “sound, free from surface flaws, dry, and clean.” Prior to the application of a coating or overlay, the substrate should be uniform, clean, and of a certain strength, as specified in the specifications.

Examine The Current Status Of The Concrete Surface

A concrete surface evaluation by the contractor is required. The evaluation should involve a look at the cement’s top layer and any debris that has to be taken from the concrete’s surface. Additionally, the surface should be examined for any dirt, grease, oil, or sealants that need to be removed.

Concrete Surface Cleanup

The concrete surface should be cleaned of chemicals, oil, and grease. Everything that is on the surface should be taken off. High-pressure washing can be used to get rid of chemicals. Heavy-duty degreasers and scrubbers are required for oil and grease. On floors, you can use scarifying and shotblasting to remove the top layer.

Surface To Be “Profiled” Or Made Rough

A highly crucial quality to achieve is the concrete’s “profile” or texture. Depending on the size of the project, acid etching is sometimes more practical than mechanical profiling for roughening concrete.

Surface Defects Should Be Repaired

After assessing everything, the contractor should now be aware of the necessary repair supplies. Concrete that has chips or protrusions larger than 1/16″ should be ground down and refinished to match the surrounding concrete. Concrete that is unstable, has bubbles or holes should be examined, filled with epoxy or another filler, and then refinished to match the rest.

Resurface The Concrete

The concrete is now ready for resurfacing after all necessary preparations.

Key Takeaways

The procedures used for surface preparation are briefly summarised above. In order to ensure good overlay, bonding, lifespan, and performance, the process is best left in the hands of an expert, who will evaluate the condition of the existing concrete and establish the scope of work.

We, Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Therefore, choosing a qualified contractor that can assess and study the problem completely and recommend the best course of action is important.

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