Drones For Building Façade & Roof Inspection: The Latest Trend

The old buildings are deteriorating nationwide. Building owners, contractors, property management firms, and facilities management firms are becoming increasingly concerned about the façade problem due to the natural deterioration over time from wear and tear.

In the past, structural engineers would request to set up the time-consuming scaffolding systems, swing stages, and bucket trucks merely to look at the side of a structure in order to evaluate the facades adequately. The cost would often be high. The building would frequently need to be shut down during the scaffolding erection process, which made the cost and safety issues become a major concern. The scaffolding would typically remain in place for several months at a time.

Drones for inspecting facades and roof

As drone aircraft technology advances quickly and a new generation of task-based drone software technology emerges, facilities and property management companies may now securely and effectively analyse data collected by drones, offer remediation, and do so as soon as 24 hours after the inspection. Using drone technology, which allows for up-close visual inspections of roofs and facades, you may immediately find defects like: –
  • Damaged tiles
  • Guttering issues
  • Brick work Facade cracks
  • Expansion joint defects
  • Window lintel issues
  • Damp sections
  • Water ingress points
  • Damaged electrical equipment
  • Damaged solar energy systems
Photo: Close-up view – Efflorescence (whitish salt deposit) could be seen leaching out of the cracks and porosity of the concrete

Comparison between drone inspection and traditional inspection method

Drone Inspection

Traditional Inspection

Roof size (example)



Time on site

1-2 hours

4-5 hours

Time to process

90 mins

2-5 days



Scaffold, rope access, skylift

Working at heights






Live stream data



Easy to deploy



Minimal OHS risk






Photo: Close-up view – Efflorescence (whitish salt deposit) could be seen leaching out of the cracks and porosity of the concrete

Key Takeaways

We, Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd use drone to perform site inspection whenever necessary. This is the added value service provided by us to our client. Consequently, we are able provide the proposal which is accurate to tackle the actual problem. Therefore, choosing a qualified contractor that can assess and study the problem completely and recommend the best course of action is important.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information. Our team will be happy and glad to assist you.

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