Everything You Need To Know About Waterproof External Walls

It’s crucial to safeguard a house or any other property from water damage. The external walls of any structure are among its most fragile components since they are exposed to the elements and may be subject to water damage. Water leaks can seriously harm a building’s structure, necessitating expensive repairs, and even putting residents’ health at danger. This is where external wall waterproofing comes into play.
Understanding the significance of external wall waterproofing can help you preserve your structure, save expensive repairs, and maintain a secure and healthy living or working environment, regardless of whether you own a home or a business.
By putting up a barrier between external walls and water, waterproofing helps stop leaks and shields the building from harm

What is external wall waterproofing?

The technique of external waterproofing entails preventing water damage to a building’s outside. In order to stop water from entering the structure, a barrier is built between the external walls and the water. When water penetrates the exterior walls of a building, it can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and costly repairs.
Waterproofing exterior walls is a crucial preventative measure that can assist safeguard a building’s structural integrity and the wellbeing of its occupants. Surface preparation, the application of membranes, waterproofing admixtures, and particularly powdered waterproofing materials with crystallized concrete additives, drainage system installation, and backfilling are common steps in the process.
Building owners can lower energy expenses, avoid water damage, and increase the lifespan of their structures by waterproofing the external walls of their buildings.

What are the reasons for causing the water seepage in the external walls?

In Malaysia, the common defect for the building owner is the occurrence of the water seepage through the external wall.
Water seepage through external walls was primarily caused by severe rainfall and single- layer brick walls. Over 80% of water leakage issues were caused by plastered brick wall cracks. High humidity and heavy rainfall further aggravate the leak through the external wall. High wind speeds in Malaysia’s high-rise buildings also increase the risk of the issue.

What are the common causes of water seepage through the external walls?

  • Dampness
  • Material permeability and absorption
  • The wall’s construction joints
  • Rising moisture brought on by capillary action
  • Wall cracks and joints Separation gaps
  • Honeycomb structures in plaster or concrete

What are the methods of waterproof the external walls?

External walls can be waterproofed by combining a variety of methods and materials. The following techniques are the most popular for waterproofing external walls: –
  1. Surface Preparation The surface of the facades that will be insulated must first be cleaned and readied for waterproofing. This procedure entails cleaning the wall surface of debris like dirt and dust. In additions, treatment of cracks should be done to stop the water seepage through the crack lines.
  2. Application of Waterproofing Material The application of external waterproofing products is the following stage. This technique is used to seal off outside walls from any liquid that might come into contact with them. In addition to more traditional techniques like waterproofing membranes, crystalline powder and liquid additives work extremely well at making concrete impermeable by forming an insoluble crystal structure in the pores and capillary cracks of the concrete.

Key Takeaways

In order to provide suitable waterproofing against water ingress, Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd offers a dual benefit solution for outside walls that gives protection and water tightness of external walls.

In Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd, we will often do a site inspection to identify the leak’s main root cause prior to making a recommendation for the best course of action. Rapid action can aid in lowering the scope and expense of the required repair.

Our guarantee to you

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