How to Repair Cracks In Concrete

The severity of cracks are categorized by its crackwidth. And repair methods will depends on the severity of cracks.

Cracks with width of less than 0.3mm are generally acceptable and does not affect the structure. However, they may develop to grow to become structural cracks. Therefore, small cracks on houses or structures should be monitor. Typically, these kind of cracks can be repair with surface sealing.

Crack width greater than 0.3 mm can create problems for the durability of the structure. If the crack is static, then it is not severe. However, as the concrete crack widens gradually, it would ultimately become a structural crack and cause structural problems, unless the crack is repaired. Generally, these kind of cracks should be repair with epoxy injections.

We at Structural Repairs (M) Sdn. Bhd. are able to provide on site assessment on the severity of the cracks and propose a suitable repair and remedial method to the issue.

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