How To Stop Water Leakage From Roof Ceiling: The Causes, Effects & Solutions

What is water leakage from roof ceiling?

A common problem with a building’s ceiling area is water leaking from it. In general, a ceiling water leakage is when water seeps through the roof’s ceiling area. Most ceiling leaks are caused by the waterproof membrane or screed in the slab above deteriorating over time. Old buildings frequently experience ceiling leaks, which usually affect bathrooms and toilets.

Leaks coming from the roof may be difficult to locate the reason or source of. Water can enter from one and pass through the slab before it enters the walls and floors, making it a challenging process. Untreated ceiling water leaks can have serious consequences, such as flooding, staining, wall collapse, and damage to goods and property.

In most cases, the straight floor above will be the source of any ceiling leaks in your building. You must perform waterproofing repair and maintenance work to resolve this issue. This is why we usually say “treat the waterproofing issue from the positive side not the negative side”. This is because negative side of waterproofing will solve the issue temporarily but not in long term.

In addition, the extra moisture left over from the ceiling leak may result in the growth of mould, which worsens respiratory issues for the occupants. A safety risk arises from bathroom ceiling leakage if water gets inside electrical fittings. To prevent electrocutions in such a situation, it is preferable to take out all electrical devices and cover any sockets that you feel may be impacted by the leak.

What are the indications of water leakage from roof ceiling?

  1. Water dripping from the ceiling The internal environment is deteriorated and hygiene problems are caused by water intrusion from the roof. Depending on the degree of the leak, the water may be in the form of droplets or a continuous stream. It has no smell at all, rotting, or mildewed odors.
  2. Blisters Water accumulates in the roof, which results in paint blisters. The latex paint holds the water by acting like a balloon.
  3. Peeled off paint The plaster’s and paint’s adhesion are weakened by the water. As a result, the paint begins to flake off the surface.
  4. Discoloured roof Roof stains are another indication of water leaks. The paint typically turns colourless and loses its colour. Over the surface, the water flow marks are created.

What are the consequences of water leakage from roof ceiling?

  1. Plaster and paint are damaged by water leaks. As a result, the building’s aesthetics deteriorate.
  2. Circuit damage caused by water. The concealed wiring in the walls and ceiling could short out.
  3. Mildew may develop on the wall and roof, leading to unhygienic living conditions.
  4. Structural integrity could be compromised.
  5. Regular water flow causes expensive foundation damage that must be repaired.

How to stop water leakage from roof ceiling?

  1. Observe the signs of leakage – Water dripping from the ceiling, blisters, peeled off paint & discoloured roof.
  2. Look for the reasons of ceiling leakage – Structural crack, plumbing leak, damaged waterproofing system & damaged ridge and gutter choke.
  3. Drain the leakage – Firstly, observe the affected area and plan a hole for draining the water from the ceiling. Mark the hole on the most affected part. Secondly, put a backet below the planned drainage hole. Thirdly, make a hole in the ceiling and let the water drain into the bucket.
  4. Repair the leakage part – After draining the water, check from any further signs of water ingress. Repair the water leakage with a suitable method. For leaking in pipe, tighten the joints to make them leakage-free and replace the damaged pipes. If there is leaking via a structural crack, repair the cracks by grouting and inject a chemical into it. Another approach is to use a membrane or waterproofing coating to seal the crack. To repair or replace the waterproofing system if it has failed, contact a professional.
  5. Make good of the surface – The repaired area needs a finishing touch to make them appear intact.

Key Takeaways

Roof ceiling leakage can be a serious issue that needs to repair as soon as possible to avoid further structural damage and expensive repair cost. If you suspect you could have ceiling leak issues, you should hire a ceiling leak specialist to do a thorough evaluation and make repairs to come up with a long-term solution. Protecting residential, commercial, and industrial facilities and goods against harm brought on by water infiltration requires effective ceiling waterproofing and leak repair.

In Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd, we will often do a site inspection to identify the leak’s main root cause prior to making a recommendation for the best course of action. Rapid action can aid in lowering the scope and expense of the required repair. We can assess the severity of your roof ceiling leaking problems and recommend the best course of action.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information. Our team will be happy and glad to assist you.

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