Structural Assessment And Structural Investigation

Inspection of The Fallen Defective Planter Box Structures At Ramin Apartment, Genting Highlands

Planter box structure collapsed due to accidental impact by abseiler during paint works, and inadequate structural design.

Engineering Consultancy Services For Refurbishment of Clear Water Tank And Other Associated Works at Cheras Miles 11 WTP

Structural assessment on the existing RC corbels.

Infrared Thermography Inspection Of RC Slab At The Loft Bangsar

To determine the damp or leaking spots due to seepage from rooftop (Skygarden) open area.

A report has been issued with the proposed method of repair.

Infrared Thermography Inspection Of KLCC Water Tank

The Thermographic Scanning Survey report has been prepared after the completion of waterproofing work of the water tank.

The report has shown that there are no signs of leakages and no presence of moisture detected on the whole external concrete surface areas of the water tank walls.

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