Reasons WHY we choose PVC waterproofing membrane to waterproof RC flat roof rather than the traditional membrane system?

WHAT is the PVC waterproofing membrane?

PVC waterproofing membrane is a single-ply membrane roof system that is factory fabricated and installed in the field as a single layer. It comes on a roll and can be mechanically fastened, adhered and loose laid onto the roof substrate. PVC membranes provide wideranging of advantages for any residential, industrial, and commercial industrial buildings. Most importantly, it prolongs the lifespan of the building with low maintenance and repair cost.

Reasons why you should choose PVC Waterproofing Membrane?

Stop the leakage permanently

The main purpose of roofing membrane is to prevent water leakage. Leaking of the building roof can be severely dangerous as water can get into electrical wiring and short circuit the wires, creating sparks and potential fire. PVC membrane serves as an additional layer of protection against water accumulation and ponding to avoid the damage to the building structure.

Effective and permanent waterproofing solution

In the absence of the suitable waterproofing membrane of the building, it is highly likely that the building to be infiltrated by water and caused the damage to the structure of the building. It has been reported that 83% of the building defects are water-related & failure of the membranes used represent a large percentage of this figure. Hence, the cost to repair is highly substantial, so to avoid failure, the selection of the correct waterproofing membrane and application made by the contractor is very important in the context. If the PVC membrane is installed correctly, it will provide long term waterproofing protection. These membranes are highly vapor permeable; hence they can also be installed over damp substrate. The PVC membrane provide water tightness to the structure immediately upon completion of installation. No curing is required and the thickness of preformed PVC membrane will always be consistent throughout the application.

A long-term guarantee for proven solutions with warranty

Because PVC membrane is extremely durable, it can last for more than 20 years. Therefore, usually the contractor can grant for more than 10 years warranty provided that the contractor is experienced with the installation skills and methods. This can easily help you to save money on the expensive repairs and maintenance.

UV resistant

Environmental friendliness is another benefit of the PVC membrane system. It is high solar reflectivity, so less energy is wasted. This will substantially reduce the heating and cooling costs inside the building.


Excellent toughness

PVC membrane is extremely durable and offers superior resistance against foot traffic, impact loads, punctures and tears. Unlike other waterproofing systems, the performance of PVC membranes do not depends on adhesives, tapes or caulk for sealing. Instead, they have heat-welded overlapping joints that create a permanent watertight bond.


Root resistant

Applicable for new and remedial applications such as underground systems, balconies, exposed flat roofs, insulated roofs, planter boxes, green roofs etc.

root of resistance

Versatile methods of installation

PVC membrane can be loosely laid by using mechanical fastening method or fully bonded onto the slab surface. Low noise emissions during installation as demolition of screeds is not required. Thus, fast installation.


How you apply PVC Waterproofing Membrane?

Step 1:

Clean the entire screed surface by using high pressure water jet until free of loose particles and contamination.

Step 2:

Repair any spalled/loose screed substrate by using polymer modified ementitious repair mortar.

Step 3:

Grind to remove the existing paint / coating from the wall upturns (min. 150mm height).

Step 4:

Install the PVC waterproofing membrane by mechanical fastening with fastener and washer onto the existing screed surface. Membrane shall be overlapped at min. 80mm and joined by hot air welding.

Step 5:

For wall upturns, PVC waterproofing membrane shall be fully adhered to the prepared wall surface by using adhesive, including fastening of termination bar and application of polyurethane (PU) sealant.


PVC membrane is welded together with specialised tools and forms a homogenous connection in joints and overlaps. Hence, the termination of the membrane creating positive self-supporting seals. Therefore,
the application of the system must be performed by the highly skilled and experienced PVC waterproofing contractors. If not, this will become a nightmare to the management!

Usually, the price of the PVC membrane is slightly more expensive than other waterproofing membranes. But, in long-term, PVC membrane will protect your asset for the long-lasting period, avoid costly and unpleasant rectification and will buy you many years of peace of mind.

So, if you are looking for a durable, long-term, and energy-efficient roof that is resistant to the elements, PVC waterproofing membrane is a BEST choice for you.

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