Sarawak New Museum- Polyurethane (PU) Flooring and Waterproofing Works

The new Sarawak Museum Complex is the largest museum complex in Malaysia and second largest in South-East Asia. The new museum was designed and completed with 21st century facilities and amenities. It costs RM323 million to build and has a gross floor area of approximately 31,000 square metres.

During the construction of the new museum complex, Structural Repairs (EM) Sdn. Bhd. had been awarded with the contract of flooring and waterproofing works.

Works for flooring was done on the museum gallery floor and loading bay using Polyurethane (PU) coating. PU flooring was used because of the level of protection it provides. When this coating is applied to the floor, it creates a barrier between the external agents and the base floor. This barrier is non-porous and can provide protection against dirt, water, and even mud. It also protects the floor from oxidation and humidity which usually result in corrosion.

Waterproofing works was done on the pedestrian bridge to the Old Museum and also the open terrace area. Polymeric waterproofing membrane was used in this waterproofing works.

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