Swimming Pools Repair and Waterproofing Works

Swimming pools in condominiums are quite common nowadays. To maximize space most swimming pools in condominiums are designed to be located at the upper-level common area.

Commonly 1 level right above the highest most carpark level or at the top most level of the condominium. These poses a few issues, if the waterproofing works are not done up to standard, if there are cracks in the swimming pool or joints are not properly constructed, water may seep through the concrete structure.

As mentioned in our previous article (Link: https://structuralrepairs.com.my/waterproofing-works-for-high-rise-buildings-in-malaysia-kpj-healthcare/), water seepage may erode and corrode the structural component of the condominium. This is especially true as swimming pools in most modern condominium are integrated with the building structure and any leakage maybe detrimental to the building structure.

Fortunately, water leakage can be detected quite early at the car parks or units directly below the swimming pool. We at Structural Repairs (M) Sdn. Bhd. are able to provide on site assessment on the severity of the leakage and propose a suitable repair and remedial method to the leakage issue.

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