3D Laser Scanning to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Integration between 3D building scan and BIM allows facility and building managers to gain full control over facility management, periodical maintenance and condition assessment of the existing structure in and extremely timely, effective and accurate manner.

Mechanical Helical Pinning System - The Innovative Facade Repair Technology

Cracking, looseness, delamination, de-bonding or hollowness in wall plaster have to be repaired immediately especially on the external facade of high-rise buildings, in order to avoid potential public safety hazard from FREE FALLING PLASTER.

Infrared Thermographic Scanning

Pure Polyurea Waterproofing System

Extremely versatile, long-lasting and durable waterproofing coating.

Spray applied, seamless, fast set and rapid curing coating system with distinctive advantages over other traditional waterproofing system in term of elongation, tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Can be applied on all new and existing RC flat roof, metal roof, potable water tank, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank, waste water tank, reservoir, tunnel, swimming pool, podium decks, car parking decks, expansion joint etc.

PVC Membrane Waterproofing System

We offer a variety of customized turnkey solutions for structural repair and strengthening.

Heritage Building Conservation Technology

Conservation of historically significant architectural masterpieces or building through environmental-friendly techniques with in depth understanding of materials, properties and limitations, is very important in preserving its physical authenticity that represents the historical evident.

Drone For Aerial Survey

We provide long term solutions to defective expansion joint systems.
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