Mechanical Helical Pinning System - The Innovative Facade Repair Technology

Technology Overview

Mechanical helical pinning system offers quick and non-destructive method of stabilising the wall plaster than traditional solution such as hacking off and re-plastering.

Mechanical pinning simply requires drilling a small pilot hole (6mm) and driving an 8mm Grade 316 stainless steel helical pin through the plaster and into the back-up material (brick or concrete), ultimately re-pinning the separated, unstable and potentially dangerous loose plaster.


  • Non-destructive. No hacking and re-plastering required.
  • Quick, effective and permanent solution.
  • Mechanical pinning system without requiring resin, grout or any chemicals.
  • Resist wind loads and ground vibrations-effective in all common building materials.
  • ‘Invisible’ repair without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the external wall facade unlike conventional hacking off and re-plastering method that would leave patches of ‘wounds’ on the wall.
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