Pure Polyurea Waterproofing System

Technology Overview

Extremely versatile, long-lasting and durable waterproofing coating.

Spray applied, seamless, fast set and rapid curing coating system with distinctive advantages over other traditional waterproofing system in term of elongation, tensile strength, tear strength,abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Can be applied on all new and existing RC flat roof, metal roof, potable water tank, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank, waste water tank, reservoir, tunnel, swimming pool, podium decks,car parking decks, expansion joint etc.


  • Easy installation because it is spray-applied. The coating process with polyurea is fast and efficient.
  • No risk of water seepage through the lapping joint and termination because the system is seamless.
  • Fully chemically bonded system by spraying method on the prepared substrate.
  • There is no VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.
  • Polyurea is withstands high abrasion, impacts, and extreme mechanical stress.
  • Best for waterproofing and immersion.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Application in indoor and outdoor spaces.


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