The Difference Between Structural Repair And General Repair

No two “repair jobs” are alike since no two buildings are the same. Sometimes a straightforward handyman job will do, while other times structural repair is required. We want to make it clear to you that structural repair and general repair are two distinct things that should not be used together.

And we write it to act as a guide for building managers and owners to choose which building conditions are judged appropriate to bring in structural repair professionals like Structural Repairs (M) Sdn Bhd and when to contact for general repairs.

What is considered as general repair?

In the most basic terms, general repair includes tasks like simple patch-ups that are caused by everyday wear and tear. Fixing broken windows and doors, loose cabinet hinges, and other similar simple carpentry tasks fall under this category. It can also apply to replacing separated bricks on walls or a rusted piece of steel sheet from the roof. It can also mean to repair bricks and walls damaged by car bumps or resident comings and goings.

It might be challenging to distinguish which jobs go under general repair since individuals frequently do not realize that some works are caused by latent defect (those that cannot be seen).

A basic rule of thumb, however, is that there is a good possibility the works in question are generalized if they are simple, primitive, and readily fixed with hand tools.

What is considered as structural repair?

Repairing a structure is significantly trickier. It includes performing overhauls, restorations, and other tasks in an effort to enhance a building’s deteriorating structural integrity and/or aspects that are having “side effects.” These can involve window improvements to improve heating and acoustic dynamics or repair of concrete cancer. Other examples are repairs to leaking flat roofs that are coated in membranes or balconies that are leaking.

In summary, structural repair includes extensive and thorough corrective work.

The importance of differentiate between general repair and structural repair?

You should be able to estimate how long the restoration project will take. Typical routine repairs can be finished in a few hours or days, but major structural repairs might take weeks, months, or even longer, depending on the scale of the building. You will be able to gauge the extent of the impact it will have on your operations by being able to estimate the time required.

Can a repairman look at the issue and fix it that week, or do you need to block off a section of your building so that construction professionals can check at the problem? If the former, you will be able to buy some time to alert the building’s residents to the problem and give yourself time to discover solutions so as not to disturb your employees’ or tenants’ daily routines.

Of course, there is also the matter of money. You must compare the costs associated with structural work vs routine maintenance.

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