Top 3 Advantages of Lifting Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways that Have Settled

Concrete walkways and sidewalks that have settled might provide some major concerns that demand care. With time and soil erosion and settlement, sidewalks and walkways will start to sink and shift. You can choose from a variety of repair alternatives as a property owner to address these problems. Polyurethane concrete lifting is a quick, efficient, and costeffective solution to fix settled walkways or sidewalks.

What triggers the settling and shifting of concrete sidewalks and walkways?

Because of soil erosion and settling, concrete walkways and sidewalks will inevitably settle and move over time. Frequently, these issues are brought on by rain or moisture from leaking pipes. Soil erosion can also be brought on by rodents or other pests that dig and by tree roots that develop underneath concrete slabs. Additionally, newly built concrete slabs may settle as a result of inadequately compacted base soils. While it may be tempting to overlook the situation, there are several important advantages to having settled or sunken concrete sidewalks and walkways raised as soon as possible.
  • Safety risk reduction – Trip hazards, a severe safety concern, can be eliminated by lifting settled concrete sidewalks and pathways, especially in regions with heavy pedestrian traffic. By raising and levelling sidewalks back to the proper slope, polyurethane concrete lifting protects you from the potential negative effects of trips, falls, or accidents.
  • Improving Water Drainage – Water can pool and improper drainage might be hampered by sunken sidewalks and pathways. Due to erosion and soil disruption caused by improper water drainage, concrete may sustain additional damage. If the issue is left unattended for a long enough period of time, the surrounding property may eventually cause expensive structural damage. Pooled water can corrode concrete surfaces and compromise the strength of the slab over time.
  • Property Value Preservation – The concrete slabs can be raised and levelled for aesthetic reasons as well. Well-kept pathways and sidewalks increase a property’s value and enhance curb appeal. Potential buyers may notice sunken concrete pathways and sidewalks as a sign that the property has not been well maintained and may have hidden problems. Concrete slabs that have sunk and are uneven may develop voids beneath them as a result of water penetration if they are not repaired. These voids give the concrete unstable support structures, which can lead to shifting and cracking.

Key Takeaways

Polyurethane lifting of concrete sidewalks and pathways is a quick, easy, and economical option that can increase safety, drainage capacity, and property value while sparing owners the hassle and expense of future, expensive repairs.

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