Which Industrial Flooring Methods Is Most Suitable To Your Business?

Flooring is available in a wide variety of designs, colors, textures, and materials. Not only can the correct flooring help you create the atmosphere and vibe you want, but it will also have a big impact on how well your space functions.

What you want to achieve with this flooring?

  • AESTHETIC – Some flooring has a more stern and professional tone. Another type of flooring is more suited to creating a spacious and open environment. You should consider how you want your space to look before choosing the best type of flooring. For instance, if your location is visible to customers, you’ll probably want to give aesthetic a lot of consideration. If your location is a back warehouse, on the other hand, aesthetic might not be very high on your list of considerations.
  •  FUNCTIONALITY – What will you do with the floors? Will they be required to withstand the weight of carts or cars? Will they only be walked on, as in an ordinary office building, or will they be used? It’s important to keep in mind that some varieties of flooring are more lasting than others.
  • LEVELS OF TRAFFIC – Does your floor anticipate heavy traffic? If it must withstand years of use and wear-and-tear, you should invest in a heavy-duty flooring. You might not require such a durable material if you have light use for the floor.
  • HYGIENE – While some dirt and grime will eventually develop on all floors, some are much more likely to become dirty. For instance, an office building will not get
    dirty as rapidly as an industrial building.

What are the considerations you need to take into account?

  • Longevity – How long does your floor need to last? Are you searching for something that will last as long as the building itself, or are you intending to use it for only a few years?
  • Safety – Do you have any specific safety worries in mind? E.g., Slippery
  • Material needs You might need flooring made of a particular type of material depending on the construction of your building.

What are the types of flooring available in the market?

  1. EPOXY FLOORING – This is the most popular choice in the market. Since the epoxy is not the actual floor itself, we refer to this as a floor coating. Epoxy is a best option that will give you peace of mind for years to come, whether you’re seeking for industrial flooring or commercial floors for your business.

    Benefits of epoxy flooring:
    • Seamless finish – A concrete floor covered in an epoxy coating has a smooth finishing. This makes it the best option for factory and manufacturing floors since it makes it great for heavy traffic from dollies, forklifts, and other heavy equipment.
    • Good aesthetic – It has a smooth finishing. You can match epoxy coatings to the rest of your aesthetic because they come in a variety of colours and finishes.
    • Minor maintenance – Even in heavily used places, they are incredibly simple to keep clean and durable.
    • Anti-slippery – The use of epoxy flooring reduces slipping accidents by increasing friction and traction.
    • Chemical resistance – Not only will it withstand corrosion, but it also serves as a barrier to stop the chemicals from damaging the concrete below.
  2. URETHANE CONCRETE – It serves as a sealing layer. This seal mixes cement powder with urethane resin to produce a concrete surface that is strong and long-lasting.

    Benefits of urethane concrete:
    • Chemical resistance – Urethane concrete provides excellent protection against the chemical spilling or corrosion.
    • Resistance to thermal shock – This makes it a great option for locations like fire stations and airoplane hangars that may have some outdoor space.
    • Abrasion defense – Urethane concrete successfully protects your concrete from unsightly scars, bruises, and bumps.
  3. METHYL METHACRYLATE – It is dual system polymer and often used materials for coating commercial and industrial floors.

    Benefits of methyl methacrylate:
    • Low curing temperature – When it comes to installation, they need less effort and are less fussy. This will save you time and possibly reduce the amount of hassle you have during the installation.
    • Resistance to scratch – When the object will often collide with the floor, this flooring system is a good choice as it can resist to the scratch.
    • Matte finish – It could be acceptable for environments like healthcare centres or nursing homes due to its somewhat neutral appearance.

Will it last Long?

Your floor’s lifespan will vary greatly depending on how well you take care of it and how much traffic it receives. If there is little traffic, it may sometimes last for decades. However, in other circumstances, such as those involving heavy traffic, your floor might only last a few years.

Cleaning your flooring frequently and taking care of any damage right away rather than allowing it to fester will help extend the life of your flooring.

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