Highway Bridges Concrete Repair and Strengthening Works

Highways are key infrastructure in urban development as it links and connects township all over the countries which is important for socio-economic development. And highway bridges are almost required in all highway development to cross existing rural/trunk roads, rivers and some cases requiring a stretch of highway to be elevated to bypass a busy & crowded area.

Throughout the years, the size and weight of vehicles especially cargo lorries & construction machineries have increased. And thus, the previous design capacity of the bridge might not be able to cater for the increasing traffic loading. This could cause bridge structure to cracks or spalled due to the additional stress taken by the structure. One solution to this issues would be to first carry out concrete repair; i.e epoxy injection (crack repair) & formwork grouting/patch repair (spalled concrete repair). Follow by structural strengthening; i.e CFRP Strengthening, section enlargement etc.

We at Structural Repairs (M) Sdn. Bhd. are able to provide the concrete repair and strengthening service with the highest quality of workmanship. For more info, please contact Helpdesk.

We are specializing in Waterproofing, Concrete Repair, Structural Strengthening and Building Conservation for commercial and residential projects.

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