Rising Dampness in Buildings

One common problem that buildings constructed mainly with masonry is rising dampness. As masonry materials such as bricks are porous, which consist of voids or pores due to the nature of brick-making techniques; water can pass through the pores via capillary action or a wicking effect. Rising dampness contributes to deterioration and decay in masonry buildings. Excessive dampness can cause moulds to develop in the building and can have negative effect on the health of the occupants.

The source of water that contributes to rising damp problems in the masonry wall is ground water. The more severe the rising damp problem is due to the higher the ground water level. The water level differs from one place to another depending on the geographical locations of buildings and type of soils.

Fortunately, rising dampness can be treated by creating an artificial barrier in the masonry wall to prevent water from further rising. We at Structural Repairs (M) Sdn. Bhd. are able to provide this treatment service for rising dampness.

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