Repairing Cracks with Epoxy Injection Method

With cracks greater than 0.3mm or it is identified that the crack is a through crack. The method use in repairing such cracks is usually by using epoxy injections applied directly into the crack.

Epoxy Injection crack repair is performed by first groove cutting along the cracks and surface sealing it. Follow by drilling of holes at 45° angle to intersect the cracks and mechanical injection packers is install into the pre-drilled holes. Then low viscosity epoxy which usually comes in 2 parts are mix according to the ratio as specified by the manufacturer and with an epoxy injection machine, it is injected into the cracks via the pre-drilled holes. The amount of epoxy requires depends on the depth of cracks.

Crack width greater than 0.3 mm can create problems for the durability of the structure. If the crack is static, then it is not severe. However, as the concrete crack widens gradually, it would ultimately become a structural crack and cause structural problems, unless the crack is repaired. Generally, these kind of cracks should be repair with epoxy injections.

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